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Westward Bound

Who the Hell Cares

Boxed Wine



21 Cents and a Cigarette

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Vinyl Back side
Vinyl Back side

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Mom's Proud has been years in the making.  We started writing songs that are featured on this album, when we were in the 10th grade, 2016.  We are very proud of this project and as the name states, so are our moms.  It is comprised of an array of genres.  All of us in the band have very different perspectives on music, yet, in Mom's Proud, we are able to come together and put all of those genres into one sound.  You will hear influences from Jazz, Pop, Blues, Indie Rock, Folk and even some modern classical.   

Giovani Covarrubias

Lead Guitar

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Nick Harner


Backup Vocals

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William Babin

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Lead Singer

Rhythm Guitar

Rory Babin

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Gary Stivers

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Snacks at Midnight is an Indie Rock band based out of Spokane, Washington.  We bring a new vibe to the stage and our album with our unique sound.  We are influenced by many musicians and different types of music.  Therefore, our originals pull from many genres.  Our onstage presence is energetic, entertaining and we make a point to involve our audience in our performances. Our album is full of hidden surprises, that you will not be expecting.  Our motto is to simply have fun doing what we love. Watching a crowd sing along and dance to a Snack's original is what motivates us to continue to write music.

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