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Nick, Gio and Rory started playing together as a band in the 9th grade, 2014.  We called ourselves MUS. We played our first gig at the Prichard Tavern in Prichard, Idaho when we were 15 years old. 

In 11th grade, 2016, we called ourselves Free to Play.  We wrote our first song when we were 16 years old.  Every song we have written is on our album, Mom's Proud. 

Since we started playing together, we have gone through 5 different drummers and 3 different names.  In October, 2019 we picked up Gary on drums and in May, 2020, William, Rory's little brother, joined us playing Keys.

Since our band officially formed as Snacks at Midnight in May, 2020 and despite the challenges of a pandemic, we have achieved a lot and made progress in leaps and bounds.  In the October issue of Spokane, CDA Living Magazine, it was announced we were voted SILVER for best local band in the Spokane, Coeur d'Alene area.  Since we started playing in May, our fan base has grown exponentially.  We are not afraid to step out of our bounds and break rules of a genre.


Five of the songs on our album, Mom's Proud were written when we were in high school.  Our band's name at the time was Free to Play. 

Asking all the Questions and Live Like This were written when

we were in the 11th grade, 2016.  21 Cents and a Cigarette and Unusual were written in the beginning of the 12th

grade, 2017 and Who the Hell Cares in 2018.   

I started taking Piano lessons in the 5th grade.  Over the years, I have continued with piano and studied voice and guitar.  

I am inspired by a lot of young musicians and bands.  My favorites are Jacob Collier and Hippocampus.  When I write my songs, I strive to create my own original sound that is comprised of many different genres.  I thrive on the thought that through my songs, I can invoke feelings, inspire and lift people up.  

Rory Babin
Lead Singer/Rhythm Guitar
Giovani Covarrubias
rhythm Guitar

I started playing guitar in 2013.  My parents bought me my first guitar when I was in middle school.  They never expected me to fall in love with it.  I have always taken the guitar seriously and am mostly    

self taught.  Over the years I have spent countless hours watching and practicing YouTube tutorials.  Last year I took formal lessons which sharpened my skills immensely and broadened my playing abilities.  My goal with Snacks at Midnight is getting to make music that anyone can enjoy while having the ability to express ourselves through every note.  

Nick Harner
Bass/Backup Vocals

I have been playing bass since 2015.  I am currently a student at Eastern Washington University working on Jazz Performance and Electrical Engineering degrees.  My biggest musical inspiration is Scott Le Faro. He is a Jazz bass player from the late 50's and 60's.  My biggest goal with music is just to play music my band and I have made, on stage.  Performing in front of people is fun, but nothing comes is better than performing with my best friends while we play OUR songs. I am fortunate to be surrounded by a group of talented musicians who are also my good friends.  We all have the same goal with our band: we all work well together and we all are willing to work hard and do what it takes to be successful.

Gary Stivers

I started playing music in 2008 and I started playing drums in 2010 at a very young age.  Currently I am in my final year at Eastern Washington University earning a degree in Jazz 

performance.  I met Nick at school in Jazz performance and he invited me to play with Snacks at Midnight.  Since I started, we have had a lot of accomplishments to be proud of.  

Musically my inspirations come simply from anyone who makes music for the love of music itself.  A few artists whom I admire a lot are Tony Williams, Jason Sutter and Art Blakey.

My personal goal with music is to continually learn, create, move forward and improve.  I work very hard on my craft and practice for hours every day.

William Babin
Keyboard/Backup Vocals

I started playing piano when I was 9 years old.  I didn't love it at first, but eventually it grew on me.  Most of my musical education up until this point consists of private lessons.  I also took guitar for 2 years.

I have many inspirations when it comes to music.  The person who has become my biggest inspiration and mentor is Ty Bailie.  He is featuring on two of our songs on our album.  

I love composing songs on the piano.  I plan to record my songs.  My main inspiration for my compositions comes from Dirk Maassen.  I love being a part of Snacks at Midnight.  We are a unique band with a mix of Jazz musicians, Gary and Nick, lending to our creative energy.