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"The best band I've ever seen"

- A drunk bar goer

Laughing, Dancing and even some tears of joy!   These are some emotions you can expect to experience at a Snacks at Midnight show.  Don't be surprised when you hear a deep, "I love you man" coming from an anonymous fan in the middle of the crowd.  

The team of 5 dashing, young men with a penchant for doing the unexpected look to make a memorable experience when they perform.  Whether it's  banter on stage between long-time friends, a shirt or two coming off, a beautiful movement inspired by Debussy on keys while the lead singer fixes a broken string, or an occasional smashing of a cheap, broken guitar one of the guys found at Goodwill, the band's live show is certainly an experience that goes nicely with their groovy, indie-rock, pop, funky sound.


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Mom's Proud front.PNG

Mom's Proud

Snacks at Midnight's debut album, Mom's Proud, is a ten song collection that checks a lot of boxes when it comes to different sounds.  with styles ranging from funk, folk, rock, pop and even solo classical piano, each track stands on it's own, while maintaining cohesion



The newest and funkiest Snacks at Midnight single, just released 4/17/23 is accompanied perfectly with the story of 5 band members and long-time friends pursuing their passion and quitting their day jobs in order to accomplish it.

Better Than Ever

For their second release, one year after Mom's Proud, the group crafted Better Than Ever.  It is a funky, indie rock song that speaks to many: dealing with losing a good friend.  How do we handle it?  Write a song.


Hey! Official Music Video

Hey, by Snacks at Midnight.  New song to be released summer 2023.
Knitting Factory, in Spokane.
Halloween 2022

Everybody Talks cover
Pig Out in the Park
Spokane, Washington


Attention, by Snacks at Midnight
First track of our debut album, Mom's Proud


A SNACK at Midnight could be thought of in two categories: one as a pre-packaged quick bite and the second as an improvised meal using ingredients that don't traditionally go together, but boy does it taste and feel good.  The latter is where Spokane, Washington-based indie rock, pop, funk band, Snacks at Midnight takes it's inspiration for their sound.  With comparisons drawn to Hippo Campus, Backseat Lovers, Half Alive, and even the classics, Red Hot Chili Peppers or Grateful Dead, it is clear the band gets its individuality from many different genres and artists.

The bands origin is a classic one.  High school friends, Rory Babin, Giovani Covarrubias and Nickolaus Harner started jamming together.  Once the trio figured out how to play their instruments they started writing music.  The first song written was in the 10th grade, Asking All the Questions, the 3rd track off their debut album, Mom's Proud, released in November, 2021.

In 2018, the group added Rory's younger brother, Bill Babin on keys and after sifting through 8 different drummers, Austin Davis joined the group in March of 2022 adding that final touch, to create the  band we all know and love today, Snacks at Midnight.

Rory Babin -Lead Singer, Guitar and Main Songwriter

Nick Harner - Bass

Giovani Covarrubias - Lead Guitar

Bill Babin - Keyboard

Austin Davis - Drums

Good Times


Get in Touch

Rory Babin - Lead Singer, Guitar, Main Songwriter

Nick Harner - Bass

Giovani Covarrubias - Lead Guitar

Bill Babin - Keyboard

Austin Davis - Drums

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