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Snacks at Midnight Band Pic


"The best band I've ever seen!"
-a drunk bar goer

The origin of Snacks at Midnight is a classic one. A group of high school friends who get the bright idea of forming a band in their parents’ basement, and like a lot of basement bands, they kinda sucked.

But there was something endearing and fun about the way they played, despite the music being suckish. They always had so much fun playing in front of anyone, whether it was on a street corner, a barn, or a truck bed, and that joy they had was infectious.

Eventually, the guys start getting better at their craft, write a lot more songs, and they take their passion and youthful ignorance to Rainmaker Studios in the Tri Cities to record their debut album, Mom’s Proud. An album that’d make your mother proud. It’s an album that’s a great snapshot into where the guys were on their journey. It has a lot of mistakes, but there’s so much charm and passion on the record. And Katy Perry’s former keyboardist? 2020 was weird.

After dropping Mom’s Proud, the guys get even more serious about this whole music thing. They start gigging nearly every weekend, and playing any rinky dink tavern or hippy event that would have them, and they start getting even better, Better Than Ever even. They go back to the studio in 2021 and record two singles that arguably blew their previous album out of the water. Their musicality and writing got better, and their joy and passion still remained.

In 2022 they added Austin Davis on drums to the band, and things really clicked into something special for the team. Austin brought all the ferocity in his playing that was perfect for the band’s sound, on top of being a village idiot. A perfect match for the members of Snacks at Midnight.

Things got even better from here. They played more and more gigs and better and better gigs, going from busking outside of Red Robin, to playing at the Knitting Factory, the guys really stepped things up.

This takes us to What You Think You Want. An album. An album of angst, love, revolt, joy, sadness and unfiltered passion. Even with the more serious tone, they are still the same group of friends in a basement. They’re just waaaaaaaaaaay better now.

The Guys


Rory Babin 
Lead Singer

Nick Harner

Giovani Covarrubias

Bill Babin

Austin Davis

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Nick with sunglasses
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